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Betsey Johnson has been a style icon for ages, but you may not know that recreating her funky and trendy nail designs has become a fad. Here are some nice combinations for summer nail design, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to get your nails painted, take a look at Betsey’s latest nail art collection. Did I mention that she uses nautical-inspired ideas in her nail art, as well as some of her favorite colors?

Here you will find some of the best summer nail designs by the most popular nail artists in the world. I hope these picks from over 40 summer nail designs will help you find something for the summer.

Read on to discover some of the easiest ways to upgrade your manicure to take it to the next level. Read on for 31 summer nail ideas for 2020 that can help you add the perfect accent to your overall beauty look. For more ideas about nail art, visit our website for spring nails, wedding nails and more.

If you’re constantly tearing out your nail polish tones, you should try rainbow nails. Go to the next level by simply painting some pretty summer colors on your nails. Instead of white tips, swap the nails for colorful free edges and paint them in a copy of what you need for a French manicure. Lay tropical foil on and apply a few shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and yellow for your rainbow nail art.

If you like this simple and delightful nail art, you should also use it as inspiration for summer. Look for leopard patterns on your other nails and paint them the same color as your rainbow nails for a fun summer look.

To do what you do with the greatest simplicity, here are 20 fantastic summers here to get you done. Bring the bright summer sunshine yellow to your nails with this stylish and adorable two-tone manicure. Nail designs round off the season with a touch of brightness : Bring the brightest sunshine yellow tones of summer to these nails for a stylish, delightful and two firming manicures. Whether you’re showing off your eyes – with tips painted in fun, bright colors or just a little color on your nail art, this neat one is perfectly matched to the summer season.

Fill your summer with the glittering sun that shimmers on everything from water to sand: why not let it sparkle on your nails? Of course you don’t want to be trapped all summer, So do exactly that with these nails.

The good news for all those who are not so hesitant about DIY manicures: we have a few ideas for summer that you can put on and that will be applied in the foreseeable future. Summer nail designs that curve the white tips on the sides of your nails for a stylish upgrade. Various nail art and designs that can be worn on your fingers are on trend on Instagram this summer.

Palm trees are a sure sign of tropical weather, so why not get your nails done when the weather gets nicer? French nail boutique Pshiiit, use pink and black for a stylish design. You can paint a few palm trees black to give them a complete summer vibe.

This shell design for summer is a fantastic idea if you plan to spend most of your time on the sandy beach. Instead of a turquoise dress, try this nail design with rhinestone shells or try something different this time. Choose four colors to paint your nails with a gradient from light to dark, and mix and match the varnish on each nail to leave you with a Kickass rainbow manicure like this. I’ll leave you to design some super cool nail designs for the summer!

If you want to be ready for a festive Fourth of July but are too busy to make a nail design, try this one. If you love to use the classic French tips for every manicure, you should definitely try the liquid egg yolk design. Or, if you like a classic but more rhinestone foil, opt for this beautiful French manicure with back.

This summer nail design is all about brightness and shine, so if you’re looking for something different, this is the perfect look for you. If you like nail designs that give you the summer look on holiday, then look no further than this beautiful summer manicure in the colors red, white and blue. This is simply amazing and will give you a great summer look, but it magically matches any of the beautiful summer nail designs that stand out above all others.

White nails may be boring, but if you add a few green palm details, they will be amazing and ready for summer. These white nails may be boring, but they look really great in summer, especially when they are added with green palm trees and trees details.

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